Rajni Gill



Rajni Suyach was a medical student who was always passionate for fashion. Her mother had been running a home based boutique in which she would always have thorough input. Medicine was not for the designer as she realised soon after a severe medical issue had turned tables for her. She was diagnosed with GBS an autoimmune disorder that had brought her to full body paralysis. During treatment and recovery period she was completely sure she wanted to follow her dreams and passion. She decided to pursue fashion professionally and started her own line of luxury couture and pret wear.

In early 2019 she opened up her own designer studio in Chandigarh and carved a niche in the local circle of ladies for quality designer wear. She takes inspiration from from many heritage sites for her couture line and has developed a USP of Bargello. It is a type of needlepoint embroidery derived from the Bargello Palace in Florence. This technique can be seen used in most of the pieces from her collections. It is embellished with sequins and other embroidery materials to add a more emphasised look to the garments.

Whether it’s her luxury line or pret, she finds many ways to create different looks using flowing silhouettes and the right colors to accentuate all her pieces.