Ancient Ayurvedic tradition of detoxifying fabric while enriching it with the additional benefit of wellness is the mantra for Healing Garments. House of Milk collaborates with experts of this practice to customise bolts of silk, satin and crepe with hand-picked herbs such as neem leaves, aloe vera, nochi leaves, curry leaves, turmeric, adhatoda and jasmine amongst several others. The fabrics are processed using completely natural ingredients derived from herbs, flowers, seeds, roots, leaves, pulp, fruits and gums. The result is a collection of fabrics that are therapeutic to the mind, body and spirit. Designer Reshma Merchant uses these healing fabrics to create easy-to-wear, elegant pieces with thoughtful detailing and embellishment. She works with a muted palette, favouring shades of white and cream, in keeping with the soothing qualities of the cloth itself. Embellishments and details are also inspired by nature and are minimalistic, yet very distinctive. For the upcoming collection, the luxurious pieces are embellished with motives that are fluid yet stark and pay homage to the sacred geometry of nature.

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