Nadima Valiulla


Nadima Saqib

A powerhouse of talent and a driven entrepreneur Nadima turned her in-house label into a full-blown brand when she moved from Ahmedabad to Mumbai in 2014. Kicking off her passion for design by being the go-to professional for locals around her, she's come a long way and built a clientele for her herself across the country. Nadima spent her childhood actively taking part in needlework, knitting and sewing workshops. This not only helped master her crafts but made her realise her passion for designing. Backed by this strong workshop experience and being immensely inspired by the works of couturier Tarun Tahiliani, Nadima decided to take the plunge and work towards becoming a famed couturier herself. She then went on to pursue a Bachelors in Arts while also setting up a small workshop. Fast forward to the present — she revives her luxury label's treasured craftsmanship and textile heritage to create modern designs. A melting pot of class and flamboyance, the brand 'Nadima Saqib' translates femininity and sophistication in each of their creations. Relying heavily on cultural nuances, Nadima creates contemporary Indian silhouettes—each of which is uniquely created with a specific colour, cut and technique.