Rose Room is the new luxury, authentic and unconventional. A style that expresses new forms of elegance, presenting itself as a modern classicism based on superior sartorial content and creativity. The strong identity of Rose Room Couture lies in its super feminine and fantastical style, breaking free from seriousness and old school traditions. A combination of delicacy and substance are at the essence of the collection that infuses modern day elegance with a powerful feminine energy. The lavish creations are in sensational colors and extraordinary fabrics that are reminiscent of the Victorian era, pure glorious splendor, complete with an edgy twist, that modernizes the collection just enough. The transparency of laces, embellishments, drapes and seductress leathers are fine enough to embody a fashion vision where everything is permitted. The light chiffon with lace inserts in blouses are a hybrid expression of "Tour de Forceā€. In very little time we've had a brush with international showcasing and have been a part of a fashion show. Having said that, we were, showcased at Sattchi Gallery part of the London Fashion parade in the month of June. We are currently retailing at the premium store in London and in Delhi at the Carma, Pitaraah,Kitsch store and Rock'n'shop online.

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