Ujjawal Dubey



The brand believes that fabric has its own character waiting to be explored and the label Antar-Agni is a reminiscent of the same. We merely help the fabric speak its language making it as raw and natural as it gets. The majorly androgynous styles use muted and neutral tones with relaxed silhouettes. Cuts and drapes play a crucial role in the Antar-Agni garment. The brand pushes to bridge the gap between occasion and daily wear. We have tried to keep the indian sensibility alive with new age cuts. Being an ecologically conscious brand, we focus on the use of natural and hand-woven fabrics; least amount of wastage of resources is a major concern. Antar-Agni’s style is always focused on the individuality. For the one who believes in departure from the conventional style, leaving an influential impact on the present and carries a strong and admirable aura around them.