From the renowned hand-woven district of Phulia hails the new line of sustainable clothing from the house of GARO, designed by Sweta Tantia and Priyangsu Maji. An initiative towards Corporate Social Responsibility by the duo to bring about a small change in the life of people working around them. With the launch of our handloom and handcrafted weaved brand, TAHWEAVE, We want to give back a portion of our profit to improve the habitable condition of the weavers. COLLECTION NOTE: We derive our inspiration from a Japanese word, 'Zanshi' means 'leftover'. These textiles were woven from the extra threads which remained after looming fixed pattern weavings. We have extensively used 2 ply khadi by cotton, 2 ply cotton jamdani, 60 count khadi by khadi and 80 count khadi. Kantha and thread couching has been used a technique.

PRESS CONTACT: Sweta Tantia |9831155000 | tahweave@gmail.com
BUYER CONTACT: Sweta Tantia |9831155000 | tahweave@gmail.com