Sailesh Singhania



The “Sailesh Singhania” label was created with the vision to promote hand woven saris and apparel with a unique sense of aesthetics for discerning customers through the formation of the Sailesh Singhania Design House.

At Sailesh Singhania we believe in holistic, individual, integrated fashion & our clients take pride in incorporating handlooms in their wardrobe. We as Singhanias, work with 700 handloom weavers throughout the year. Along with that, we also support 22 different clusters including Pochampally, Gadwal, Uppada, Kota, Pranpur and many more. Sailesh Singhania has over the years created a unique signature style that subtly draws from our Indian roots to craft artisanal sarees and garments that stand apart due to their faultlessly clean lines and careful detailing. Our work epitomizes simplicity, yet on closer look reveals the obsessive attention to detail. While we combines the ancestral techniques with the traditional designs in an understated design aesthetic, our collections have a global appeal yet remain passionately Indian. The designs combine traditional techniques with contemporary flair using a wide palette of colors. Each of the finest , intricate and exquisite sarees take a laborious and painstaking 4 months to 1 year to get off the loom and provide you sustainability without compromising on fashion.