Ayushman Mitra, better known as Bobo, grew up simultaneously in Calcutta and Ajmer. His grandfather Gosto, an artist himself, was an early inspiration, teaching Bobo about myths and stories, colors and painting. At his boarding school Bobo was enrolled in art classes, but it was studying filmmaking in college that gave him a clearer sense of the possibilities allowed by still and motion pictures. In 2014 Bobo completed a diploma in fashion management from Condé Nast College, London, following which he established his label BOBO Calcutta. Bobo is keenly aware of his own position within contemporary discussions on issues such as gender discrimination, sexual equality, and environmental, human, and animal rights. These ideas add momentum to his creative output as a painter and designer. Thus, one finds in his artwork and garments women kissing women, men kissing men, dogs treated as humans, a woman smoking a joint, and unity between people and nature. It is not through resentment or anger, but through the language of universal love and affection that Bobo wishes to express the vital and colorful world that is part of him and that he is a part of.

Designer Contact: +91 - 9831178543 | Ayushmanmitra14@gmail.com