Radhika Jain



“MiRA pronounced (“My-Ra”), the brainchild of Radhika Jain, has been creating waves for the past several years in the field of fashion accessories and silver artifacts. As per Egyptian mythology, God “Ra” signified “Power”, “Creativity”, “Light” and individuality. MiRA therefore aims to imbibe all these qualities in its design. Radhika’s design brief is elegance and luxury. Her jewelry combines complex shapes and undulating pattern with precious and semi-precious stones. Her award winning designs echo the natural surroundings of her youth and focus on movement, texture and color. Her designs are meant for the women of today who aspire to be independent, creative and at the same time deeply feminine. The designs are meant for the women who are modern but at the same time deeply connected and appreciative of their roots and culture. It is her fierce desire to revive the dying handicrafts of Bengal and take them international. Radhika has participated in various exhibitions across India and is a winner of the prestigious Savvy Honour Award for excellence in designing.”

Designer Contact: 9831030700 | mira.radhika@gmail.com