Santanu Das



More than a brand, Maku is a slow fiber movement. It is a movement against rapid industrialization. It is a movement towards sustainability. Maku deals with only natural fibers, natural dyes, hand woven and hand made textiles. Maku specifically focuses on hand-spun khadi and natural indigo dye technique. Therefore ‘maku’ stands for sustainable blue. It is the mother colour of our earth, yet it has only one natural source in the plant kingdom. The dye content is entrapped within the green leaves of the indigo containing plant species. Firstly the dye is extracted through a lengthy process of oxidation. And then later the oxidized dye cake is again reduced to impart dye to the yarns. This involves very complex chemical reactions, which made indigo dyeing most magical and filled with myths. Therefore ‘maku’ offers a piece of blue cloth, which is not only functional, but also sustainably valuable due to its zero carbon footprint. Maku textile private limited is proud to support and initiate such a cause, and wish to share and spread the message worldwide.??

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