Alka Sharma


Aavaran: Echoes of rural india

Aavaran is a journey started to uphold rural indigenous communities and preserve their traditional craft...Aavaran, based out of Udaipur, Rajasthan known for its contemporized (Dabu) Mud resist hand block prints. Aavaran’s attempt is to evolve the traditional 'Dabu' mud resist technique of printing, specifically the indigo dyed 'phentiya' print which is a staple of Mewar Region while consistently innovating on design and quality. Style, minimalism and comfort describes our range of hand dyed and hand block printed garments, and accessories. A range of traditional yet contemporary printed garments made out of fabrics, rich printed sarees, stoles and duppatas are the identity of Aavaran. Aavaran aims to promote and evolve traditional crafts while economically empowering low income crafts people and other stakeholders in the value chain. Aavaran attempts to enable rural, indigenous artisan communities to become economically reliable as well as ensure the sustainability of traditional craft techniques and skills that they practice. Aavaran provides a great opportunity for the crafts people to pursue and connect to their own hidden skills.

We will be presenting a mixture of collections representing different crafts of Mewar Region, Udaipur Rajasthan. Shyam; Shyam collection personifies the Colors imbibed from lord Krishna blue-black with very subtle embellishments of “Danka”- Danka embroidery has its origins in the city of lakes, Udaipur- in Mewar Rajasthan and was mainly used on Clothing for Royal family and nobility. (It is a dying craft and very few families are left who are practicing this craft)
The Bougainvillea Story, has been inspired by the 'Gond art' of Madhya Pradesh. In this collection the traditional mud resist hand block printing, Dabu has been used. Also it has a variety of designs within the range of Indigo dyed fabrics which vary in scale and intricacy. This is a very labour intensive process and involves many stages of printing and dyeing, the end result is therefore very unique and beautiful, and this signifies the identity of Aavaran.