Sonam & Paras Modi


SVA By Sonam & Paras Modi

Sva by sonam and paras modi ?SVA meaning ‘soul’ in Sanskrit is the labour of love by Sonam & Paras Modi. Launched in 2013, SVA offers bespoke bridal, luxury prêt and menswear in supreme and traditional craftsmanship. SVA captures the essence of Indian tradition blending it with fleeting modernity thereby playing a major role in reinventing outfits with a contemporary take. Their brand philosophy is their commitment to revive, sustain and empower India’s rich crafts and textiles. Their heritage creations lend a timeless appeal and are appreciated by brides & grooms across the world. Exquisite bespoke fabrics are created by a team of artisans under close supervision of designers, to develop looks that breathtakingly merge history with contemporary fashion. The label also houses an exquisite range of bespoke heirlooms that can go down for generations. The duo’s love for travel and architecture forms the base of their inspiration season after season. Designs and motifs from these historic architectural structures are translated into weaves & embroideries. Mughal & Mediterranean influences are reflected in their work that adds an old world charm to the ensembles. The SVA girl is young, confident & is someone who doesn’t shy away from experimental styles. Young brides love our floor-length jackets, edgy drapes and capes that give them an alluring look. Nestled in the majestic Art Deco district of Mumbai overlooking the Arabian Sea is the newly designed and constructed SVA Flagship store on Marine Drive. Sprawled over 2000 sq ft, the interiors of the store aim to create a modern essence with symmetrical designs and clean lines.