Rina Dhaka



Rina Dhaka is an fashion designer and entrepreneur, who made a promising entry in the Indian fashion scene around late eighties, and from there on she became one of the most creative and dynamic fashion designers India has ever witnessed. She has been a dreamer ever since her childhood and this has translated into her style of work. After completing her graduation, she did a training project with Intercraft and also trained under Evan Grandhal. She had opened up a salwar kameez boutique for one of her friends. It was also around this time that Mutiny and Ensemble were coming up as fashion houses. Rina stated designing for these fashion houses and her designs were well received by the people. 

Today she is referred as the Gautier of the East by BBC, perfectly apt for her innovative and in depth research based collections. She is the fashion crusader of combining traditional Indian garments with 20th century modern fabrics like Lycra and jersey.

She is best known for stand out elements of a collection, western wear remains an area of dominance though she also designs ethnic and conventional ensembles. Her designs juggle between remaining traditionally rich while embracing contemporary attitude.

At the India Fashion Week Rina Dhaka was declared the best collection in Milan. The jury was Michael Fink of Saks, Albert Morris of Browns, Fern Mallis of IMG and she also won the best designer award in Miami Fashion Week 2004. She is a recipient of Yuva Ratan Award. She represented India at the India promotions at the Galleries Lafayette in Paris and Inters off in Germany.

Her designs are adorned not just in India but also by global faces internationally like Naomi Campbell, Tom Kinson, Uma Thurman, Tara Palmer etc.... Today she retails from top design labels across the world like Anthropology, USA (stock her in their 175 stores), Indomix USA, Lodenfrey Munich, Fine Rhine Hong Kong, Sanskrit Hong Kong and in over 20 boutiques within India and the rest of the world.

Rina supported a fund raiser for Bill Clinton in the U.S and is also a silent supporter of fundraising through fashion shows and other social events. She  starred in Fox Traveler with her show ‘The Style ‘N’ the City.

Rina also invented “Lycra Churidars” (stretched leggings) in the 90’s for which are very popular today in Indian wear. 

She designed catalogues for Barista’s international, which also won the design award for its layout.

At the parliament , receiving an award for design from confluence India by Baron Dholakia ; Smita Srivastava and Mahender Singh Jadeja? The event concluded with the excellence award ceremony at London parliament in the presence of baroness Sandip Verma , Lord Loomba , Lord Navnit Dholakia, British writer Farukh Dhondy ,Geoff Wain, high commissioner to Gujarat and Rajasthan.