Kanika Sachdev & Neelanjan Ghosh



Jajaabor, in Assamese means “nomad” and as the name suggests, we bring in inspirations from our travels into apparels, tailor made for the contemporary Indian.

They say music has no language and love has no reason. We say fashion has no borders. Jajaabor is a state of mind that traverses freely across the landscapes of imagination, embarking on new journeys which are unrestrained by divisive human constructs. It is a nomadic spirit that soaks up a piece of story from every facet of life and from every place in this world. Jajaabor is a design initiative that seeks to capture and celebrate this freewheeling essence that lies within each of us; and transmute experiences into stories by employing a traditional and classic approach that is close to the roots from where we come from, yet drawing from diverse sources for the unbridled soul to breathe free and set sail in a vast and disparate world.

Like a true Jajaabor, we don’t belong anywhere. We are everywhere.