Shriya Som


Shriya Som

There is an entire forest full of the most incredible flowers, plants and trees inside you; a massive forest full of beautiful and vibrant stories. - Nikita Gill

They say the inner child is a sacred space within us. It is where untold tales are hidden, where great magic waits to be found. Flower filled romanticism, dreamy colour stories, lush verdant textures, the magic of stardust and the moonlight – Shriya Bhupal accesses this inner world of optimism and enchantment. Unabashedly womanly and romantic, the ‘Shriya Som’ label is unpretentious in its proclamation of femininity.

But here is the thing about the inner forest – it resides in everyone. Anyone who chooses can visit it anytime, to rediscover wonder, reimagine dreams, seek succour and grow resilient. Shriya Bhupal’s secret garden is that space. A place she often visits to find herself. A catalyst for the stories she wishes to tell. The brand can be best defined as having an understated aesthetic with high attention to detail. Literal explorations of the garden can be seen in surface embroideries and embellishments, often playing in layers of wistful tones or spirited contrasts. Teased and textured fabrics extend this theme. Experimenting with silhouettes and techniques, the ‘Shriya Som’ label has built over the last few seasons, signature draping and tailoring styles. Be it in the evolving textured dresses, bomber & biker jackets, draped gowns, luxe skirts or corsetry.

Working with Tarun Tahiliani and Naeem Khan reinforced in Shriya Bhupal, her love for evening wear. The main philosophy on which ‘Shriya Som’ was established was to create a bridge between international and Indian styles. To bring the concept of international evening wear into Indian silhouettes, and employ Indian techniques in her western interpretations. The aim is to create freer, softer, lighter styles that are high on impact vis-a-vis surface embellishments, embroideries and textures, in a new, non-traditional way. In fact, when she set up ‘Shriya Som’ in 2015, the first 10 months were spent only on developing embroidery and embellishment techniques before designing the first collection.

The label seeks to define urban luxury in a fresh and new manner. The signature colour palette veers between pastels, reds, black and blues. Embroideries include multi-hued and chenille florals, vignette cutwork, three dimensional accents in embellishment. Textural exploration in draping and fabric manipulation is an ongoing process and present in every collection. In addition, every season new treatments are explored each season such as raffia, palettes, mirror work, beading. Silhouettes such as the fit and flare skirts, corsetry, the ruffled dresses and bomber jackets, have become signatures of the brand.

The label is also a popular choice for brides who wish to infuse their wardrobes with freshness and modernity.