The burgeoning brand established in 2013, New Delhi by Sonal Verma rests on the concept of ‘Immortal Design’. With leather being the elemental ingredient, every piece is a one off handcrafted into timeless heirlooms. The concept is to escape the mental straitjacket by striking ignition between possibility and uncertainty that could result in unexpected findings. Its making involves everlasting feelings, memories and emotions woven together with aesthetics for an alternative expression. Here, the quest is to create something exceptional and go beyond the existing image of leather as a material. It further explores the latent potential, which is possible because of its impressive inexhaustible rich nature. The primary focus of the BRAND has been material deification that a lead to exciting new textures. The work is the apotheosis of creative exion. It’s an attempt to spark astounding conversation among various materials initiated by treatments to leather per se. It manifests admissible incorporation of ingredients into a seamless narrative and controlling taxonomy. The potential variations of the subject intrigue bespoke treatments to create innovative textures. Here we see intricate worlds come alive in small packages.

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