Eurumme is a handcrafted fashion jewelry label based out of New Delhi. The name Eurumme (phonetically pronounced as Yaw-rum), was derived from an Amalgamation of the Latin word 'Aurum', meaning gold, and the founder, Eishita's First name initial. At the core of Eurumme, lies the philosophy that 'Imperfect is Beautiful’. Handcrafted in India, every Eurumme design reflects a raw aesthetic, leading no two pieces to be exactly the same. Semi-precious stones and metals, together with plating and electroplating combine to produce a piece of imperfectly perfect jewelry that emanates beauty and finesse. Jewelry should reflect one's inner self, and keeping that in mind, Eurumme offers something for every woman. Eurumme designs are minimal yet statement, subtle yet striking, and contemporary, yet timeless. Established by Eishita Puri in August 2015, Eurumme has since been adorned by a number of celebrities including Sonam Kapoor and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, in addition to being featured in countless editorials .Eurumme retails at a number of stores across the country, and online as well.

PRESS CONTACT: Dipika Israni | 2222021108, 9819839481 | dipika@dipublicrelations.in
BUYER CONTACT: Diksha Sachdev | 1141650639, 9873436390 | diskha@fashionsolutions.in