The Real Cut Application

Lakmé Fashion Week & Diamond Producers Association presents ‘The Real Cut’ Application Process


Application Deadline :- The last date for sending your application is 19TH January 2019


  • It is a special initiative by Lakmé Fashion Week and Diamond Producers Association to provide a unique platform for young and emerging Diamond Jewellery designers from across India to reach the fashion industry globally.

  • If you are a Diamond Jewellery designer working/associated with Jewellery House/ Retailer and applying to be part of this program, you must have been in business or practicing jewellery design for minimum 3 years and maximum 8 years. Alternatively, if you’re a student who is yet to enter the professional Diamond jewellery designing industry, you can apply to be part of the program in a special category

  • Lakmé Fashion Week and Diamond Producers Association presents ‘The Real Cut’ is an exclusive opportunity to access a strong national and international audience of buyers and media attending Lakme Fashion Week (LFW)

  • This program is part of LFW that has established itself as one of India’s most definitive fashion brands, enabling Indian fashion to integrate with the global fashion world.


  • An international alliance of eight of the world’s leading Diamond mining companies, the Diamond Producers Association (DPA) exists to maintain and enhance consumer confidence in Diamonds. DPA’s aim is to build a positive narrative around Diamonds, educate consumers on everything Diamond and dispel any myths surrounding them. The organization wants to ensure that the consumers continue to value Diamonds as billion-year-old miracles of nature and as a unique and rare symbol of what is most important and precious in their life.


  • The Diamond Jewellery designer must demonstrate innovation with Diamond and techniques as well as their creative process and methodology towards conceptualizing the range.

  • The Diamond Jewellery designer must position herself or himself no less than an artist, using every day wear Diamond jewellery, with each Diamond not exceeding 20 cents, for translating a strong concept into an artistic composition of form, shape, colour and pattern. The Diamond elements should be thoughtfully presented in a balanced manner, with self-driven critical judgment on the scale between excess and minimalism. The focus needs to be on celebrating this billion-year-old miracle of nature through the design

  • The Diamond jewellery designers must provide photographs of their collection and not sketches. The photographs need to be static images, shot in limbo against a white background and each photograph to be of size 6x9. No mannequin or model pictures should be submitted. The collection must showcase a mix of jewellery including 2 pairs of earrings, a ring, a bangle / bracelet and a neckpiece. The images can have a mix of different jewellery in the same image – for example, an image can include a neckpiece and earrings and the second image can have a ring and a bracelet / bangle. Every image needs to enhance the beauty of the Diamonds and the jewellery. In case the entry is being submitted by a student aspiring to be a Diamond jewellery designer in future, he / she may provide sketches of their forthcoming designs in adherence with the program guidelines

  • The Diamond Jewellery designer must question and challenge conventional norms in Jewellery and push the boundaries for creative experimentation and exploration using design techniques from other relevant creative disciplines such as art, music, sculpture, etc.

  • The Diamond Jewellery designer must demonstrate qualitative obsession with fundamental parameters of construction of the Diamond such as craftsmanship, detailing and finishing through the images submitted from the previous collection.

  • The Diamonds used in the collection submitted can be set ONLY in Gold, White Gold, Rose Gold or Platinum. The Diamond Jewellery designer must ONLY work with Diamonds paired with Gold / Platinum to create an exclusive range of jewellery

  • The collection should feature only Diamonds, no coloured precious / semi-precious stones or pearls. Coloured Diamonds are acceptable.

  • The Diamond jewellery designer must ensure that the collection submitted for the jury board’s perusal, should be a part of ‘The Real Cut’ show at Lakmé Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2019, in the event the designer’s collection is selected to be showcased

  • The Diamond jewellery designer must create pieces which work with pret wear clothing and not bridal wear and should be on the lines of ‘everyday jewellery’

  • A single Diamond in the jewellery should be 20 cents or less. Jewellery can consist of a collection of multiple Diamonds of 20 cents or less, however a single jewellery piece cannot exceed 5 carats. No religious symbols permitted

  • No artificial, synthetic, lab-grown, man-made, CZ or moissanite stones can be used or submitted in this collection

APPLICATION PROCESS :- All designers who wish to apply for Lakmé Fashion Week and Diamond Producers Association presents ‘The Real Cut’ program must follow below steps:



  • Click Here Download the power point presentation template.

  • Fill in the power point presentation of 4 slides only with your company/jeweller information, images, and pictures of your designs and strictly as per instructions mentioned in the slides.

  • Email the presentation to

  • Kindly note the last date for submission of the form and presentation is 19th January 2019

  • Once an applicant has completed the application form/presentation online, this will be reviewed by a special jury and the candidate will be notified by email whether the application has been accepted.



  • All applications for Lakmé Fashion Week and Diamond Producers Association presents ‘The Real Cut’ are screened and examined by a special jury board.

  • This board comprises of leading Jewellery designer, fashion designer, as well as a representative from Diamond Producers Association & Lakmé Fashion Week

  • The board shortlists a pool of fifteen (15) Diamond jewellery designers and from the pool makes the final selection of six (6) Diamond Jewellery Designers based on the Jewellery designers’ quality, innovation, marketability, originality and ability to legitimately take their business to the next level. Designers need to ensure that the jewellery enhances the overall look of the clothing line

  • Once selected, the six (6) Diamond jewellery designers would be paired with 3 emerging fashion designers and would be given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to showcase at ‘The Real Cut’ show at Lakmé Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2019. For applicants from the student community, 3 selected budding Diamond jewellery designers would be gratified with a couple pass for ‘The Real Cut’ show at LFWSR19


  • The Diamond Jewellery designer takes full onus on the genuineness and originality of the designs submitted in the program. The applicant confirms that the designs submitted is not released in the any form of media including but not restricted to television, print and digital and has not been a part of any previous design contests/competitions and/or industry awards in India or abroad

  • The applicant further confirms that in the event of the applicant getting selected for showcasing the forthcoming collection at ‘The Real Cut’ show at LFWSR19, the applicant takes full responsibility to make the jewellery available for 16 models for fittings session on 28th Jan and subsequently on 2nd Feb 2019 for the show at Jiogarden, Bandra-Kurla complex in Mumbai

  • The Diamond jewellery designer shall indemnify the organizers of Lakmé Fashion Week, Diamond Producers Association and any other stakeholder involved with Lakmé Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2019 with regards to claims of plagiarism, should they arise in future

  • Upon the final selection, the selected Diamond jewellery designer have to take care of their travel, lodging and boarding on their own

  • The organizers of Lakmé Fashion Week, Diamond Producers Association and any other stakeholder involved with Lakmé Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2019 would in no manner whatsoever be responsible for the security of the Diamond jewellery sourced by the selected applicants. The responsibility for the security rests solely on the selected applicant

I have read and understood the terms of entry and guidance notes set out above*

Lakmé Fashion Week & Diamond Producers Association presents ‘The Real Cut’ Online Registration Form

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