Freedom and surrender. Logic and emotions. Intensity and tenderness. Strength and love. We at Saaksha & Kinni have always been fascinated with the perceived ideas of masculinity and femininity, of how we carry each in varying ratios within us. And through our designs, we imagine these ideas into styles that would tell your personal story. Driving inspiration from the singularly homegrown technique of using dulled metal sheets woven through intricate threadwork, our constant endeavour is to give the ridiculously handsome karigari from our country, a distinct global voice. But we do it our way. The embroidery takes on a darker, edgier mood; the prints pack a punch without sacrificing their restraint; the colours run deep; there is a tinge of whimsy; and the old world badla makes a new-age appearance. The woman Saaksha & Kinni' — the label — creates for is unafraid to explore her feminine-meets-fierce side, all the while keeping it luxe boho. Nothing's unassuming here. It's layered, enigmatic, even at times surprising. And yet comfortable, playful, and easy. Quite like us. Quite like many women we know