Muzaffar Ali, Meera Ali, Sama Ali



Known the world over by his classic feature film Umrao Jaan, the name of Muzaffar Ali to all those who know him, spells a quest for beauty and excellence, humanity and aesthetics. This quest for beauty led him to craft Kotwara, an international couture fashion label along with his architect wife Meera Ali. Their daughter Sama Ali, a graduate of London College of Fashion joined the brand in 2014. Kotwara began its journey in 1990 to revive the traditional crafts of the region of Awadh, In-dia, through sensitively understanding its ethos, upgrading its design content and modern day universal relevance in it’s application. Innovations from Kotwara are therefore based on forms inspired by different craft techniques expressed in a variety of different ways and silhou-ettes. Zardozi and Chikankari has been the forte of Kotwara with some of the finest craftspeople working for generations at Anhalwara Palace, Kotwara in Lakhimpur Kheri and Kotwara House, Qaiserbagh Palace Complex, Lucknow.
Kotwara has, since inception been a patron of handcrafted luxury, and the upliftment of the artisan class through its foundation Dwar Pe Rozi, Employment at Doorstep, which spearhead-ed the rural employment mission though the craft of chikankari, 27 years ago.

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