Karma Sonam Bhutia – Sikkim



Karma Sonam Bhutia, a 35 year-old textile designer, has an infectious passion for nettle-weaving. Sikkimese by birth, she grew up largely in Rajasthan and Delhi, but now lives in Gangtok and is working to revive the traditional textiles of her home state. Nettle-weaving is a high point of the multidimensional textile work in her ongoing project, Kuzu, which means body in Sikkimese. Designed in Sikkim and manufactured in various parts of India, founded by Karma Sonam, Kuzu creates sustainable clothing and home textiles, working in harmony with nature and in collaboration with various weavers and artisans from the marginal community. Kuzu has different lines in its collections that are designed and created using 100% natural fibers like Nettle, Organic Cotton, Yak Wool, Merino Wool combined with traditional weaving techniques that reflect various aspects of Sikkim as inspiration.

Designer Contact: +91-9434736717 | Ksonaminster@gmail.com