Amita Gupta Kaur



Label “Amita Gupta” founded in 2013 as Couture Label with focus on experimental clients. In the summers of 2016 while travelling in Varanasi, I met a Rickshaw puller, who was a hand weaver artist quit his art because decreasing demand of handlooms, I decide to start Sustainable Fashion Label to re- start the work of the Artists who quit their art of hand weaving. I have presented my First Sustainable collection on Handloom Chanderi “Solar and Renewable Energy” in 2016

1. Concept Note: - The Concept behind developing the “Denim Chanderi” is sustainability to provide better living opportunities to the weavers who quit their art of weaving. My Denim Chanderi is a Hand Weave Fabric, Mix of Beautiful Indian Chanderi with Ever demanding Western Denim, a fusion of Indo-Western Fabrics.
2. Collection Note: - My collection of Denim Chanderi sarees and dresses is revolutionary in nature inspired from Modern Independent and Bold women, who wants to experiment with her look in such a way she looks modern rooted in Indian cultures.
3. About Denim Chanderi: - I have Developed Denim Chanderi fabric using Handloom weaving in Varanasi, Warp of fabric is Indian Mulberry Silk, For Chanderi I have used Mercerized Cotton in Weft and For Denim Weft I have used Corse Cotton dyed in Indigo Blue with 3X1 Twill weaving on Jacquard hand looms.