Mayank Anand and Shraddha Nigam



With emphasis on refurbishment and restoration, coupled with innovative cutting edge design, Mayank Anand and Shraddha Nigam focus on creating an experience that brings history and culture to contemporary lifestyle. The honest endeavour of staying true to the brand DNA of "Sustainable Luxury," which rests on 5 guiding principles of Reduce-Recycle-Reuse-Repurpose and Recreate, has now become their biggest strength. Their studio’s multidisciplinary canvas spreads over spaces, clothing, furniture and fine art.

Mayank Anand Shraddha Nigam, the clothing label, is dedicated to bringing Indian handloom fabrics and weaves back into mainstream fashion. The designers reinterpret hand-woven textiles into contemporary clothing. The design quotient is minimalist with an ability to transcend - "from the ramp to the home," seamlessly. The label, which made its debut at Lakme Fashion Week in its year of inception in 2010, is positioned for an urban audience with a flair for experimentation and individuality. The label retails at various multi-designer stores across the world.