Latha Puttanna


LATHA by Latha Puttanna

Latha Puttanna’s vision of marrying tradition with innovation has always been the driving force behind the signature ensembles that grace runways. And now, we want to take this inspiration one step further and let these designs become a part of everyday life. And thus, Latha was born.

An offshoot of the parent label, Latha focuses on developing essential separates that can be paired in a myriad ways to create multiple ensembles. It transcends the ceaseless metamorphosis of trends to become something truly timeless and ageless. Latha derives its sensibility from a contemporary mood for its design, construction, and functionality. The brand wholeheartedly celebrates Indian heritage by virtue of being more relevant and relatable to a wider audience. It has been conceived for and dedicated to a force that is known to transcend norms and celebrate its existence.
Every day.